Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fine Dining

Men kill me telling me they wanna take me out on a date & soon as they say where u wanna go & I say Papadeaux, Benihana or McCormick & Smith I dont hear back from U, whats the problem smh. If u have Red Lobster or Olive Garden money that's fine, but don't ask me where I wanna go if u on a fast food budget I'm just sayin!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Real friends

A real friend is one that adds to your well being & enhances the quality of your life, someone who can be trusted completely with who you are!!

I seen a pastor on TV that said this. It makes a lot of sense.

Apply it to your life, I did. 😊

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Making sum changes

I woke up feeling some kind of way this morning which made me want to analyze my life and the people that are in it, some changes need to be made. If you don't need me in your life as much as I need you in mine or value my present in your life its time to move on. When it starts going from a conversation to a comparison it's a problem no one is like me as I am like no one else because we are all different and unique that's what makes the world so beautiful. I said all that to say I'd rather be by myself than to have people in my life that don't have my best interest at hand.
If my imperfections standout more to you than my positive qualities it's a problem, no one is perfect. At the end of the day if the people in your life don't bring you more joy than sorrow it's time to let them go. Have a blessed day Everyone.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Sagging is Fagging

So I'm out and about with my client and I see this handsome young man. From the front he looked very distinguished like you know he had some business about himself. As he walked by his pants were sagging! I can't stand for a man to have his pants hanging off his ass. Don't they know by now that sagging is fagging!! It just really turns me off... so to all my single men out there don't even think about approaching me if you wear your pants hanging off your ass!! No deal!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hard work

I'm not used to working I'm used to being pampered spoiled and taken care of but I realize that hard work pays off, I have goals to achieve by June and by any means necessary I will achieve those goals. My daughter's birthday is April 4 & mine is April 15th its going to be hard this month trying to save money and prioritize & stay within the budget when there's so many things that I want to get for my daughter and myself.
Well the moral of the story is hard work pays off stick to your plan do what you said you're going to do and don't let anyone or anything stop you I'm learning this myself.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Not everyone is welcome in my home, If I treat everyone the same then I treat no one special.